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As I had shared in my personal website, in March 2002, I was in the market for a 2 door sports coupe. I had earlier driven 4-door continental made hatches (and not very hot ones) and had decided that I was of the correct age (with the appropriate finances) to move up the line and that the next car I would get would be a sports coupe, one with a sun-roof preferably.

Amongst my options were the Nissan 200sx S13, Toyota Celica GT4, Fiat Coupe Turbo, Toyota MR2 SW20, BMW E36 coupes (only the 318 was in my price range and came in manual) and the Honda CRX. I was almost going to confirm my purchase of a tasty 16v yellow Fiat Coupe Turbo, but a run-in with the local traffic police the night before making the deposit with the seller waylaid my plans as I wasn't sure if i had enough demerit points left after the incident to continue driving, let alone own a car. I was also pretty keen on the S13, but back then, my driveway was waaaaay too steep and no S13 could make it up and down without having the front bumper take some massive abuse (I let the dealer try his own car just to confirm). I figured that there was no point getting a car that I could park in my driveway and work on, so I scrapped the idea pretty soon.

Anyhow, one day I was walking around one of the local used car dealerships when a dealer convinced me to just try test-driving the miata, just to see how it felt. The rest, as they say, is history, after I test drove the miata for a short 5 minutes and immediately fell in love with it. Researching more about Miatas, I was convinced that I had found THE car I wanted to buy, especially when I identified with the design philosophy behind its creation. I was convinced that there was no other car as versatile as it for daily home-office-home commute, occasional spirited driving, weekend track sessions and drive arounds in town. Also its timeless looks, good handling, availability of parts, large-long time following, and endless choices in modification made it a PERFECT choice for me. I also figured, with such good reviews that, me, together with all the folks around the world that were waxing lyrical over the car, couldn't be too far off the mark.

This homepage will track the development of my miata over the years I've had her and pays homage to the greatest lightweight roadster ever made. I know I'm not alone in my admiration for the miata as Jeremy Clarkson also concludes that the miata is the Best British Sports car and you can watch the Youtube video here.


I selected my current car out of about 6-7 Miatas that I had looked at, researched and test-driven. She's an October 1993 1.6 Mazda Mx-5 Manual (or Mazda Miata or Eunos Roadster, depending on which country you're from). I got her bone stock, down to the 7-spoke Aluminium allow flower petal rims. Only the sound system had been upgraded and 1 of the previous owners had repainted her Silver from her original Red. She came with 70.000km on the odometer, had service records all the way to the first owner, still had the original owner's manual and even came with the full original toolkit. The fact that she was bone stock sold her immediately to me - I had wanted a stock car to appreciate it in its originality. I was in luuurrrvvvee............................a relationship and affinity that was to last me many many years.



Before long, I was bitten by the modification bug (damn, those club meets sure are bad for the wallet). Some kind person had even take a picture off my cardomain website (yes yes, I know I havent update it in the longest time, my fellow club members have been complaining too...) and made it into a Youtube video (time at 1.01). 


It wasn't too long before I had gotten bored of the red colour and decided that it was, yet again, time to change her clothes. I knew I wanted a striking colour, yet nothing too loud. I quickly decided on a pink colour and as much as I wanted Fushcia Pink like the S2K in FF2, I quickly decided against it cause I thought it would be contrary to the image I wanted the her to portraty. This should be the last of my colour changes, I'm really quite happy with the way she is right now. First pictures of her straight out of the paint shop.



At one of the club meets. You can see that NAs are still rather active in the club! We generally have a good mix of NAs, NBs and NCs with a diverse mix of personality, age and background.

And of course, what's the point of having all the hardware in the car (see my other pages) without those weekend friendly track sessions with the guys? The place of choice is up North in Malaysia, cause Singapore doesn't have its own track. I usually prefer Pasir Gudang, since it's a much more technical course where the large HP cars don't run with much bigger advantage. Also, I can't bear the 4-5 hour long journey up to Sepang international circuit just for a couple of hours on the track. Really a pity cause it's a much more reputed track since it is part of the F1 circuit.



I love drifting!!!! A picture with the Man himself..............Keiichi Tsuchiya

And from Re Amemiya

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