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Immediately after I had bought the car, I also bought 2 books which have served me well and I highly recommend for any miata lover.

The first book is a must for any miata driver who wants to gets his hands dirty and wants to plan little projects - the Haynes Repair Manual. You can get it currently on promotion here, or from your local bookstore. I've personally referred to it countless times, usually just before I embark on a project.







Another book that I think is an absolute must for the Miata Lover is Norman Garrett's Mazda Miata Performance Handbook, which you can get from Amazon here. It's suffice to say that he was a former Mazda engineer on the Miata project. I learnt to appreciate the car I had bought many-fold because of what I read in this book. Another lesson I learnt from this book is an enduring one that lasted me though all of the years I've owned the miata - as much as I love modifying cars, I'd think many times over any modification for fear of screwing up a beautiful peace of work. I kept my Engine stock standard for most part of my ownership (5 years plus) with just Iridium plugs, Jackson Racing Ignition cables, a drop in K&N panel filter and the timing bumped up to 16-18 degrees. Even the stock airbox lasted me through a long time. One thing you quickly learn about the miata is that it is also quite easy to screw up the entire car. Anyhow, read the book, it'll make you fall in love all over again.




One of the great things about having a miata is that there are so many places to find great advice from. One of the advantages of being in Singapore is that I can go and post some queries on a US based forum, head to bed, and have a barrage of learned replies the next morning when I wake up. Of the forums I like, I found the forum and the Miata Turbo Forum most helpful. If I'm not wrong, Bill Cardell occasionally still posts there. Your own local forum would also most likely be able to provide some help, especially with finding local parts. For Singaporean owners, here's the link again to the local club's garage section.

It's Garage section is superb and is a good place to start for most queries and generally a very good read. What I've found especially useful are

  1. Oil Changes for novices - Time to bond with your miata.
  2. Lubricating Door Windows and Slow Power Windows Fix- Stop those squeaky and slow windows.
  3. Fluid Capacities - So you know how many bottles of each to buy.
  4. Overheating / The Miata Cooling System - Learn about your cooling system.
  5. Cheap Trix and Tidbits- Some cool tricks you can DIY.
  6. Torque Specs - Useful if you're anal about your Miata and you want to tighten those bolts juuuusssstt right and of course.....if you OWN a torque wrench!
  7. Crank Angle Sensor Oil Seal - Has failed on me once before.
  8. Parallel Fan Operation - If you want a cheap way to let your miata run cooler.
  9. Differential Spotter's Guide as well as Limited Slip Differential FAQ - For questions on LSDs.
  10. Ignition wires / plugs / timing  - Includes the reason why you should advance your ignition timing to at leat 14 degrees for free horses.
  11. Restore engine bay rubber is something I try myself and works.
  12. Big Brake Conversion for 90-93 Miatas - Necessary modification for something which i think is the achilles heel of the NA6 Miata.
  13. Lanny's Alignment Page - A good base to start for your alignment journey. I started from this and worked my way through to my current setting. Right now, I'm running Front: Toe -0deg03"; Camber -1deg30"; Caster - 5deg20" and Rear: Toe +0deg03"; Camber -2deg00"
  14. Tire Size Calculator and Comparator / Wheel and tire size Calculator, Tire Weights and Wheel Weights - Good stuff to help you decide what rims and tires to buy. I've found this other fantastic website on wheel weightsThe Wheel Machine allows you to have an idea of how well they'll fit (or how they won't), provided your rims can be found. 
  15. Tighten your Air Vents - How to fix those droopy vents.
  16. Tie-down Hook Removal - An absolute must to do.
  17. Soft top latch adjustment - In case your soft top can't close properly or if it's too loose.
  18. Compatibility Guide - to see what can be interchanged between an NA and NB.
  19. Parts Index - Helps you communicate with your parts distributor much easier. Also, you can use it to help you make sense of the parts you see and also on how to take stuff apart and put them back together.
  20. Know Your Car series


    There are several vendors out there that provide a treasure trove of information and yes, many of them are run by true miata enthusiasts who aren't just out to make a quick buck or 2. Of these, I've found Flyin' Miata's tech section very useful, especially for the (closet?) geek in you. I've also found that their product support webpages are full of useful information, but you need to relate them to your own hardware if the items are different from what FM sells. Their ECU page also has some goodies and was most useful when I tuned my FM Link ECU. Most of the products also give you great ideas to think about.

    I've also found that Moss Motors has an extensive variety of products to meet your every wants and desires. I used DIYAutotune to get information on my Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 sensor.

    Other vedors I check out once in awhile

    1. Getcoolparts also has fantastic offers and ship internationally
    2. Ross campbell runs his shop from New Zealand
    3. ETD Racing, especially their turbo manifolds
    4. Japan Parts has a lot of stuff as well

    Other Random Links I've found really useful

    There are also many other websites I've found useful and I try to list them as much as possible below.

    1. Wiring for your rear demister
    2. Questions about Fuel Injectors
    3. I like How Stuff works as well
    4. On Cusco LSDs, LSD oils and Cusco's page on LSDs
    5. Fat Cat Motorsports has good stuff on suspension
    6. There are lots of bargains to get off eBay, but do check out their shipping rates, if they do international shipping, if they allow a non-US based credit card for payment and the seller for his credibility

    Cute stuff

    A little off topic, but here are some cute icons I found off the net. You can dowload them to use on your computer. Here and here.

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