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Over the years I've owned her (7 years as of May 09), I've spent a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and money on her. I track all my repairs and modifications both by filing hard copy receipts and invoices, as well as by logging them down electronically via a spreadsheet. At last count, I've spent more than SGD50,000 on her, repairs and modifications all combined. All in, I could have easily gotten a much fast and expensive car out from the factory. Add the fact that I've gone on and on about how great the stock Miata is and how we shouldn't mess around with it.....the question I see coming is.......why modify? Here are my reasons.

  1. I'm a hands-on kind of a guy so I enjoy planning little projects, building them, spending time under the hood and then stepping back to appreciate the actualisation of an idea.
  2. I always have this insatiable desire to always be different and so, the car always has to stand out from the rest. I was so happy with my Sue-Ann, until I brought her to the first local club meet and was swayed over to the dark side..........
  3. While I agree that the miata was superbly engineered and was built conceptually from first principles up, rather than common parts bin down, there are always trade-off that the engineers have to make in their decisions. My premise is that I can first try to understand why a certain part was settled upon, reason out their considerations, and then make the trade off myself, based on an informed and well thought-through decision. For example, the stock suspension is very forgiving, communicative, progressive and comfortable. Great for the masses, for ground clearance and for safety. For me, I was willing to trade off comfort, progressiveness and ground clearance to go for a set of coilovers to try and reduce my roll and to improve handling. It's not my idea to think I can out smart, out design and out think the Mazda engineers. I just want to make my own trade off based on my objectives.
  4. I've just been bitten by the bug. Once you start, you can't really stop.....that being said, ever since baby Trevor came, I've been bitten by the baby bug instead so Cameron has taken the back seat.
  5. It's more rewarding than spending on Booze and women.

My list of mods

Exterior Looks:
- Genuine Japanese RE Amemiya Body kit (no, it's not the replica eBay ones) with Black Grill
- Original Mazda Spoiler
- Original Hard Top with liner and Demister
- Stayfast Canvas 1 piece Burgundy soft top with glass defroster rear window and Polyurethane Rain Rail with stainless steel tensioners
- Genuine Porsche Colour (Pinkrot Metallic Farbcode 82K)
- Removal of Front and Rear tie down hooks – Stainless Steel tow bar left of rear bumper
- Polished Aluminium Fuel Lid
- Brake calipers and brackets coloured with 2 base coats of high temp silver, then 3 coats of high temp yellow paint
- Antennae removed with hole on body patched up. Installed interior Bosch Antennae
- De-badged Rear License plate garnish
- Billet ‘Miata’ Oil Filler Cap - Red Anodized
- Gull-Wing Conversion (yea yea......I know what you must be thinking)
- Custom Hood lift kits for bonnet and boot
- 'Miata' 3rd brake light
- NB Windscreen

Interior Looks:
- Custom made full Stainless style bar
- Custom Full leather NA8 seats, black and red leather with red stitching used together with Sabelt 4 point Harness and Momo Shoulder pads
- MOMO 350mm Tornado Red Steering Wheel with RPM performance Red anodized steering-wheel spacer
- Jackson Racing Billet Handbrake Handle - Red
- Cusco Spin Knob
- Razo 340 Gram Black Chrome Aluminum Sphere Shift Knob
- Sparco Racing “Grip” Pressed Aluminium Pedals (3 Pieces) with Anti-Slip Rubbers
- Speaker cover- Red with silver “Miata’ logo
- Shift Surround plate with Roadster emblem for NB
- Custom ultra plush Charcoal carpets with Red borders
- Custom Parcel Shelf pouch/Saddlebag (on SALE)
- Custom Arm rest for doors and center console (!!)
Stainless Steel Sill plates with Red Miata Logo
Red perforated leather gear shift Boot with black stitching
- Zoom Engineering Starter button kit

 Rims and tires:
- Volks Racing Forged TE37 rims, bronze, 15x6.5, Offset 45
- 195/50/15 Toyo T1R
- Rays Duralumin Lock and Nut Racing Lugs in Anodized Red

- Custom Intercooled TD04 Turbo Kit running 11 psi of boost
- Flyin' Miata Mk2 Stand-alone LINK ECU with full works including knock sensor, air temp sensor, MAP sensor, boost controller, handheld controller and serial Link
- Innovate LC1- Wide band O2 sensor plumbed back into the LINK
- Full stainless steel 3" twin Exhaust
- RC engineering 550cc Fuel Injectors with dual feed fuel rail
- KOYO racing 55mm R1139 Aluminium Radiator with distilled water and Redline Water Wetter
- 2 high speed SPAL fans flowing 1975CFM and 1610CFM wired in parallel
- MOCAL Oil cooler and take-off plates with Aeroquip fittings and Stainless Steel braided lines
- Custom Made Stainless steel Radiator cover (!!)
- 82c thermostat with custom Water re-route
- Carbing Oil catch tank

- Silicon Water hoses for all 3 radiator hoses
- Pivot Water Temp Gauge, Flying Miata Autometer Boost Gauge, Innovate Wideband O2 DB Gauge

Pivot Auto shift lamp - M
- Pivot Turbo Timer
- XTD 6-puck ceramic race clutch 
with Stainless steel braided clutch hose
- Conversion to NA8 brakes, front and rear with Slotted and drilled brake rotors
- PBR/AXXIS ULT Ultimate ceramic brake pads front and rear
- Goodridge Stainless steel brake hoses - Red with Mintex DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid
- Hose Techniques Colored Silicone Vacuum Hose Kits - Super Red
- Blitz vacuum silicon hoses
- Cusco Chromoly Flywheel
- Jackson Racing Spark Plug cables
- Denso Iridium Spark Plugs
- Fully customised Turn Signal Induction
- Cusco Mission Oil for transmission
- Red Line 'Water Wetter'
- Carbing Oil Catch Tank
- Red anodized engine damper
- Front and rear (stock) under chassis brace
'Sleepy eye' Conversion
- Magnetic oil drain plug
Fuel Pressure Regulator
- Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 with servicing done every 5000-6000km

- Jackson Racing sway bays
- Full Powerflex Polyurethane bushings
- TEIN Superstreet Coilovers with Alloy pillow mounts
- Mazdaspeed competition mounts for engine and differential
- CUSCO type MZ LSD with Cusco LSD oil
- Short shifter with fulcrum point raised
- Moss Motors Red anodized Strut/tower bar with Custom Brake Booster Brace

- Alpine CDA-9853 1-DIN Head Unit
- CDT Audio CL-62 6.5" 2-Way component set
- Precision Power PEQ-114 Pre-Amplifier in center console
- Precision Power PC-275 Power Amplifier
- JBL rear tweeters
- Gold plated battery and ICE-wiring connector
- ‘Accumat’ Double layer sound-proofed with additional single layer sound dampener inside
- Stinger 1F Capacitor
- Custom Grounding
- Maintenance free battery

Previous installs now RIP

Performance Modifications:
- Crankcase Vacuum Breather
- MazdaSpeed/Jackson Racing/NGK Spark Plug cables 
- Fluids: HKS Gear Oil, HKS differential Oil, Red Line Manual transmission Lubricant
- Exhaust: Super Dynamics Free Flow Cat convertor, Custom Remus twin exhaust
- Clutch: Exedy Clutch, Cusco Super single Clutch kit
- Filters: K&N drop in Filter Panel, HKS drop in Panel Filter, K&N cone filter with adapter
- Suspension: Koni Yellow Shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Koni Yellow Shocks with stock springs
- Brakes: W88 front brake pads, Jackson Racing Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines, 'Top Secret' front Brake pads

Interior Modifications:
- MOMO King Metal Red Shift Knob
- Stainless steel Cabin brace
- Aluminum Ash-Tray cover with MX-5 emblem

Exterior Modifications:
- Mazda OEM front Airdam skirt (Body colour)
- Front Aluminium grill with red miata logo and chrome trim
- Body colored side sills
- Perma Cap (they leaked after some time)
- Brake calipers and brackets coloured with 2 base coats of high temp silver, then 3 coats of high temp red paint, changed to Orange subsequently
- De-badged front bumper
- Vinyl top with rear glass window and defroster
- Mazda OEM front mud-flaps (Body colour)
- Custom Pearl Red Paint Job (Red based with Green-Blue Glitter)
- Up Stickers on Doors

- Stock OEM 14" rims
- Enkei RS5: Rear - 16x7, 17.6lbs; Front - 15x6.5; 15.4lbs
- BBS RN011 Rims - 7.5x16", 4x100, Offset 38

- Toyo Trampio Gu:wn - 205/45/16 and 195/50/15
- BF Goodrich G-force Sports tires - 205/45/16 and 195/50/15
- Yokohama AVS ES100 tires - 205/45/16
- Falken ZIEX 512 tires - 205/45/16
- Yokohama Advan Neouva AD07 - 195/50/15 
- Falken Azenis RT215 - 195/55/15

In-Car Entertainment:
- Sony CDX-C460 head unit
- Sony WX-4500X 2-DIN Head Unit
- Sony XE8MkII graphic Equalizer in boot
- Sony XM504X 4-Channel amp in boot
- Soundstream Pro P51 component - Door mounted Speakers and Front Mounted Tweeters
- Pyle 10" subwoofer in Boot
- Conquest 6” Subwoofer on rear parcel shelf
- Custom board with 2 Amplifier Fans; clear see through panel with ‘Miata’ Logo; Purple neon

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